In poor taste? But BBC is wrong not to play ‘ding-dong’ this Sunday

The controller of BBC Radio 1 has announced that the chart show this Sunday will not play the ‘Ding Dong’ song which will feature in the charts following a campaign by some opponents of Mrs Thatcher. Instead the news that the song has made it into the chart will be relayed in a ‘news item’ and a five-second snippet will be played.

Earlier in the week I made my thoughts clear on the idea that Mrs Thatcher’s death should be celebrated (, but the decision not to play this song is wrong. Whilst it may be in bad taste and offensive to her family, the reality is that the BBC would have simply been doing its job by playing the song. That the BBC have decided not to play the song has made this a political decision. Those on the right who often argue about a BBC bias must also accept that the BBC ought to play the song. The BBC have made a political decision to support those who do not like the fact that thousands of copies of the song have been sold, as to acknowledge this would be to acknowledge that millions in this country will be far from shedding a tear at the passing of the woman who decimated their communities.

Ironically, of course, what could be a better ‘tribute’ to the free-market so beloved by Mrs Thatcher and her disciples than for them to go out and buy thousands of copies of an alternative song and knock ‘Ding-dong’ out of the charts?


2 thoughts on “In poor taste? But BBC is wrong not to play ‘ding-dong’ this Sunday

  1. Kev mcnerney

    The BBC is not wrong to not play the song.
    It is the most important cultural institution in the country and as such holds a mirror to who we are. The vast majority of people (Nixon’s silent majority) don’t want the song played and by those lights the BBCs decision is correct. The BBC is not a simple conduit for everything that is out there. That’s the Internet.

    1. condercum Post author

      I disagree Kevin. The BBC should be impartial, which it would be by playing the song. I am not sure the silent majority don’t want it played, the charts do exactly what they say on the tin – they record the sales of popular songs.

      I haven’t bought the song, and am not bothered where it ends up in the charts. I don’t need a song to express my hatred for what Thatcherism did to communities across the country and the world. However, I expect the BBC to be impartial.


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